Cleaning Process

Our Process

Interior Wash

4 Step Process (20-30 Minute)

Bagging Loose Items

We open the vehicle and put all interior loose items from the side door and cup-holder into the Waterboy Bag. Loose items include pencils, pens, cards, glasses, or anything can fit in the palm of your hand. Items larger than our hand are placed on the passenger seat.

Clean Dash, Trim, and Cup holders

We use our interior cleaner spray to mist console, cup-holders, and odometer. We then use a microfiber towel on the entire interior, until streak free. With your damp cleaning cloth wipe off the entire dash clean. We follow this method on headrests as well.

Vacuum Seats, Carpets, and Trunk area

We start from the front passenger side, removing all mats from the vehicle. We then begin vacuuming the front passenger seat first and continue this process for all carpeted and seating areas in the vehicle.

Clean Door and Trunk Jams

We open all doors (including trunk). Spray all jams with interior cleaner spray. Remove all dirt from the jams of the vehicle with a cleaning towel. Then follow with a finishing towel for a streak free finish.

Exterior Wash

4 Step Process (20-30 Minute)

Cleaning the Body

We spray one side of the vehicle 2-gallon sprayer. With the cleaning towel in our dominant hand and the finishing towel in the opposite, we begin cleaning each panel in a left to right horizontal motion from top to bottom until all dirt is removed. We repeat this motion on all parts of the vehicle until all the surface dirt is removed.

Clean Interior and Exterior Windows

We spray the interior and exterior window with Window cleaner spray. We begin cleaning each window in a left to right horizontal motion from top to bottom until all dirt is removed. We repeat this process on all remaining windows.

Wheel Cleaning

We clean one rim at a time; spraying each rim with wheel cleaner. We typically use one towel to remove wheel dirt and grime, and another towel for buffing clean. We follow this method on all rims until all rims are spotless.

Dressing the tires

With light Pressure, we place the dress all rims with our handheld applicator on the outer edge of the tire and rotate in a counter-clockwise and clockwise movement. We rotate until the tire edge is completely dressed and repeat until all tires are completely dressed.